It’s all a part of the journey.


    I have been watching YouTube videos posted by Joseph Gordon Levitt involving his latest work(HitRecord) producing a movie, TV show, short films, books, and all other kinds of cool shit. I find the guy and his work to be incredibly inspiring.  Now I want to buy a gopro (super cool savvy video camera that can go ANYWHERE) and start vlogging, making silly videos, writing more, and inspiring the world… JK, but seriously. One of the last videos I watched had a lot of focus on the idea of “roads”. So, maybe that’s where the inspiration for this poem came from. It’s pretty simple. but I felt the need to remind myself of such: 


Sometimes life is meSsY

And it can be hard to choose which path to take

That is, if your eyes aren’t blinded to the paths available.


And sometimes; life is a breeze

gently guiding you through each fitting path.

The sight of the sunshine alone can fill your soul with clarity and smiles.


Either way:

It is ALL going to be okay.

^^ There’s a link to the 1st episode of Joe’s TV show.  Hopefully it works.
 🙂 I definitely recommend watching it.


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