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About Larkarama

Hello! My name is Lark. I'm 20 and currently am living in Indiana. I'm a student and an aspiring writer. I love to travel, write, love people, and learn.


 Open mind – closed eyes

True intellect lies within 

the opened Eye of the wise.







It’s all a part of the journey.


    I have been watching YouTube videos posted by Joseph Gordon Levitt involving his latest work(HitRecord) producing a movie, TV show, short films, books, and all other kinds of cool shit. I find the guy and his work to be incredibly inspiring.  Now I want to buy a gopro (super cool savvy video camera that can go ANYWHERE) and start vlogging, making silly videos, writing more, and inspiring the world… JK, but seriously. One of the last videos I watched had a lot of focus on the idea of “roads”. So, maybe that’s where the inspiration for this poem came from. It’s pretty simple. but I felt the need to remind myself of such: 


Sometimes life is meSsY

And it can be hard to choose which path to take

That is, if your eyes aren’t blinded to the paths available.


And sometimes; life is a breeze

gently guiding you through each fitting path.

The sight of the sunshine alone can fill your soul with clarity and smiles.


Either way:

It is ALL going to be okay.

^^ There’s a link to the 1st episode of Joe’s TV show.  Hopefully it works.
 🙂 I definitely recommend watching it.

What do you know?


           I’ve been battling with the blank page for quite some time now. Maybe this is a period in life where I should be doing more listening. If I want to be a writer, I have to write. I started to think about what I could write about; what I DO know and what I DON’T know about life. There’s a lot more in the ladder category. 😉  

Here are some things I believe to be true in life, from experience.

1. The truth will set you free. The truth is better than a lie in every scenario, always. Honesty is the best policy. 🙂 

2. The way that people look on the outside is NOT who they are on the inside. This can be a hard one to grasp especially with the culture we live in but I like to think I have a pretty good understanding.

3. People are not always going to respect you, that’s why it’s important to respect and care for yourself.  

4. There is a big difference in intentions and acting. “Actions speak louder than words.” (Still in process of learning). 

5. Hurt people, hurt people. (sometimes)

6. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s an illusion to think you have to be right about anything.

7. Being truly open with others allows others to be truly open to you. 


Here are some things that I once thought I knew to be true, but my mindset is evident that I may not have a true understanding of these ideas yet.

1. Your thoughts directly predict your reality.

2. Everyone is equal. 

3. Happiness is a choice.


It’s crazy that the things we think we know are sometimes the things we really know nothing about. It’s tricky to REALLY be sure of something. This is all that came to me now, I’ll update if anything else comes to mind that I have learned, or not quite learned.




Love me some T Hall. :)

“Whatever path you follow push on to tomorrow
Love all, serve all, and create no sorrow
So many rivers but they all reach the sea
They’re telling me he’s different but I just don’t believe it
Love is the goal, yes and everyone shall reach it.”

Trevor Hall- “Unity”


Special Dimension.

I reside in this really neat dimension. Here, each desire is love-based. I haven’t always resided here, but I have always been concious of this place, and that’s what’s so great about being here now. I used to dream of this place. You are welcome here, we all are. Every one of us. Separation does not exist here, only Unity. ❤ I think a lot of people want to visit this dimension, but its so simple that it's easy to think that it's some kind of "far out" "unreachable" place that can't be grasped. But, it's not. Because I'm here. My ultimate dream in my physical life here on earth is to meet everyone here. But sometimes this place SEEMS scary. People here are open and free, and sometimes we make ourselves think that being open and free is a scary thing. But I promise you, it's worth it. I am so thankful to be here, and I'm so thankful that this dimension exists. Feel free to join me here. I Love you all, and I hope you are having a beautiful day. Blessings. ❤